Saturday, 7 May 2011

Almost through!

I went to the Service Center to get those guys to have a look at the USB problem. Those guys had the phone for a little while, came back, and said. your USB port is working fine.
I asked that they demo it to me, and they did.

It was surprising to me first, because, I had tried several times with both my home and office laptops, and this thing didn't blink an eye. I am not sure if it readily worked, or those guys had to do something. I didn't have the time to ask more questions to those guys, as I was in a hurry.

Ok, that brings us to:
Both the USB and BT have been setup.
We have an open issue on Android Market. I can probably expect a reply from them on Monday. I'll keep my fingers crossed, as to what they say.

I'll make another post with the list of all my installed apps within the next two days.


  1. Sir,
    plz tell me about the phone's cpu speed and ram available.
    Also, how many apps. could be installed at a time on the phone.
    Also , how many apps. could run at a time.
    Can the phone play 3d as well as motion games like raging thunder 2, homerun battle 3d, asphalt 5, nfs shift or not.
    Plz reply faaaaaaast.......!!!!!!!!!

  2. Boy, you are expecting 3d in a sub-8K handset. You got imagination.

    Starting with Froyo, Android lets you run apps from the SD card. Phone memory is not a constraint at all. You have about 85MB in internal memory for apps. But why bother, you can pop in a SD card and forget about it altogether.

    The CPU is 600MHz. No GPU.

    As for 3D, there are various flavours, so I wont talk about it. They dont market it as 3d capable. I wouldn't expect it to.

    I downloaded RT2, and it did run fine. I guess the CPU has got juice for some gaming.

    But if you are a serious gamer, I am not sure that would satisfy you. The next version of NFS or Asphalt will be just round the corner, and you wouldn't change the handset for a newer version.

    However, if you are seriously constrained on budget, you can wait till Micromax A70 releases. There is no official date yet, but there are rumours that it might get released this month.

  3. That's the only problem sir.
    No confirmation.
    If A70 would have been confirmed to launch then I would have even waited till 2 months for that, but since it's rumoured, I am scared whether it would be launched or not.
    I tried to contact micromax for that on facebook, but they seemed more conscious on bling 2.
    When I asked that when r they goin' to launch a70, they replied that their new android would be launched soon.
    And, as per their promise, they have launched their new android bling 2.
    that's why I am scared about a70's launch.
    If u won't mind , plz tell me howz the battery life of that phone in all aspects(internet, social networking, server sync, gaming).
    Also, plz mail me some videos and images recorded from its 2 mp camera as I want to know howz the camera quality.My email is-(
    May I know ur email plz(facebook account also)

  4. Also sir, is lg optimus one better than spice mi-310!
    It has got some 3d games like rt 2 and homerun battle 3d pre-loaded!

  5. Also, how culd u say it has not got any gpu!
    even a rubbish computer has a little bit dedicated graphics, so, i think it must be having a little bit.
    Also, what is the ram and rom available on the phone?
    plz reply sir!
    I have very less time to decide becoz the results of cbse board is goin' to be out till 16th may.
    I will buy my new mobile the very same day!
    Plz do a little bit more research for my sake!

  6. Also, when i were researching upon the features of android 2.2, I came across some sites which specified that not all the apps are compatible to sd.
    Also, the ones which r compatible don't get completely moved to sd.
    I think I have given some fresh topics to you for research, so plz help me out!

  7. So many questions...

    I'll try to answer all of them.

    A70: I read somewhere that it is going to get released on May 22. If you can wait till then, its worth a shot. You should be able to see the specs on Its got a 5MP camera.
    Camera: Mi310's camera isn't that great. Looks like there's a lag between shutter and capture. In any case, you cannot take serious pictures on a mobile cam. Its intended only for blogging.
    GPU: If its there, they'd have advertised it. It isn't there.
    RAM & ROM: I just tried looking up on the phone, but dont know where the information is. I have seen it earlier, but can remember where that data is. You can assume 256MB internalIn any case, you can look up specs on, as far I know, the data in there is quite accurate.
    3D: Unless they say the handset is 3d capable, it is unlikely that it would be. Even then, read the fine print. As I said earlier, there are various flavors, with glasses, without, etc.
    Free games: . All the apps are available on Android Market, of course, for a price. No need to go for handset because it has pre-installed games.
    Apps on SDCard: Generally, its the system apps that are limited to phone memory. You shouldn't worry about it.

    The biggest problem for me so far is the issue with Android Market.

  8. Sir,
    I didn't meant those kinds of 3d wearing glasses at all, but I meant those games which appear to be realistic.
    If u have played some java games(asphalt 4 has got best graphics in java), then also they say that asphalt 4 is 3d , bur roads in the game appear like cube blocks.
    In android, i think rt 2 is a free game and it has very decent and smooth graphics also. that's what the 3d I am talking about.

  9. I think ur android market problems can be resolved by using some marketplace replacement apps. Which provide u the same app. From another source.One of them is "appbrain" which could be downloaded from appbrain website.I don't know the site url. U can find it on google.plz mail me some sample shots from its camera. Does it have face and smile detection? Also, mention the battery life after fully charging the mobile.

  10. Sir, have u tried adobe flash player 10.1 on it.
    If not, then plz try!
    If the phone supports flash player 10.1, then u can play onl9 games on the phone on the go!

  11. hey i just bought it for 7K.
    it got 156 mb ram(as per system info app) which is a bit low.on the gaming front its going great and have tried few 3d games which play well.
    it has a Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset and hence a adreno 200 gpu so dont worry.
    battery could be a worry but can go on for 2 days on normal usage while using advanced task killer.

  12. @Mohit: I already have Appbrain installed. I tried updating after you mentioned it. For some reason, it doesn't allow me to sign in using my gmail id. Have tried all day, and gave it up.
    Havent tried adobe flash player yet. Will do that and revert back.

    156MB is an odd size to have. There is also 85MB app memory, which when put together adds up to 256MB. Maybe, they are using a 256MB component.
    How did you find out that there is Adreno. I'll post it on the blog for the benefit of others.

  13. @Saransh: Now that you have the phone, you can see if the Android Market problem exists.
    Simply search for an application (like Mapdroyd or Endomondo) through the handset. It will not appear.
    Try the same through internet. It will be there.

  14. Sir,
    I have got some amazing news for all u guys!
    Spice MI 310 is a rebranding of CSL BLUEBERRY MI 320, and it confirms that the phone's having QUALCOMM MSM 7227 CHIPSET along with ADRENO 200 GPU and a 600 MHZ CORTEX PROCESSOR.
    The official csl website confirms that it has a battery backup of max. 50 min. Talktime and 40 hrs. Standby.
    Spice is just boasting about its battery having 200 hrs. Backup!
    Sir plz mail me some sample shots from the device's camera (indoor and outdoor).
    Also, I wanna know that how much backup it gives to you after full-charge!
    Plz reply soon......!!!!!

  15. I think that the Spice Mobile is a dumbo company.
    They launched their phone 2 months ago, and they have started advertising it now, and that also not on television, but on the
    U can check out the website "".
    They must take lessons from the Micromax guys who start advertising about their phones before the launch.;D

  16. hey btw has the android market problem been sorted out as i m still having probem with it

  17. n about adreno i had researched a lot before buying it that's how i got to know its a adreno.

    n QUALCOMM MSM 7227 CHIPSET is among the cheapest processors for smartphones and 7225 is almost extinct only wildfire uses it now.

  18. Well Saransh, the Android problem is very much there.
    Appbrain installed wouldn't solve the problem. So, dont get that installed.
    Look at my earlier posts on how to workaround it.
    And, post an update in case you find a solution.

  19. @Mohit: Well, I saw an ad in Bangalore Times yesterday.
    They also announced Spice Mi410 with that.
    Looks like the 410 is going to be released in June, and will be priced at Rs.15000 (MRP).
    LOL, I wonder who is going to bet 15K on a Spice handset. Unless, the Android Market problem is solved, it is a hard sell.

  20. hey u can use for downloading app.

    there are even few paid apps available for free.
    like tower raider gold etc.

    n i m downloading them directly to my phone using the browser