Thursday, 5 May 2011

Problem with Android Market

Ok, the basic apps are done! Let me get more apps! How about Tweetdeck for twitter, and I also need Endomondo for tracking my running.

The first search for Endomondo doesn't yield any results. WTF? Try it again. It still isn't there.
Off to my PC, and search in Android market. Endomondo is very much there. Then, what the heck?

Time for a little more research?

Houston, we have a problem! After some research, this is what I found!
All Android handset makers need to register their handsets, basically their ROM code which contains all the device capabilities, like Bluetooth, Wifi, Camera, GPS, etc. If you dont register, your handset will not be recognized by Android.
Or in other words, Android Market will not know what your device is capable of! To be on the safer side, Android will block all apps, that the device isn't capable of.
For example, if your phone doesn't have a GPS, it will block all GPS related apps, like Mapdroyd, Endomondo. From a system perspective, installing such an app will crash your phone, and it is not recommended.

Whats the deal with Spice Mi-310?
Android Market doesn't recognize the handset's capabilites, for whatever reasons. In the past, there have been some complaints about Google not keeping up with all the handsets. Look at the following thread.

So, can I use my apps or not?
Whatever apps that come with the handset, you can use without any issues. There is a good collection of apps to satisfy your appetite. If you still need more apps, you''ll have to get it from the market.

Is there any other way?
I have already sent an email to Spice customer service. Hoping that they'll respond to my question about the problem.
Otherwise, it will be tricky. You'll have to get the app (the .apk file) into the phone using some means. These aren't easy to get by outside of the market. In case someone finds an easy way to get the apps, let me know.

Right now, I am using  Freeware Lovers ( to get the apps. Once you find the app file (.apk), its a cake walk. You can send it to your gmail as an attachment, and open the attachment using Gmail. It installs directly.

You can also transfer the apps to your phone using either USB or Wireless. 
You can use File Expert for transferring files between your PC and the phone. It has a good http and ftp interface. (

I am still looking for other ways to make it work through Android Market, or bypass Android Market. Of course, I would want the apps with the latest bugfixes..


  1. and all this blogathon with what little time u have away from Ananya. Imagine if u were in on this full time. U'll be a wonderful alpha tester for Spice.

  2. hey , I also have spice mi-310 . Facing the same problem it is very bugging. please tell me if you find a solution and tell me what the spice ppl said. I liked ur blog , Keep your good work up. BTW if u find the ROM of the cell plz plz tell me.

  3. @Anmol, I know how you feel. Having an Android phone, and not being able to use it fully.
    I have already put a solution in the post. freeware lovers + app asst.
    You can't get the latest version, but it works. Better than nothing at all.
    Will be busy for a few weeks. Will be on the lookout for a ROM

  4. please tell me to buy or not to buy this phone