Thursday, 5 May 2011

Is it a computer of a cellphone?

Oh my gosh? I am looking up contacts and it is showing up only 7. Oh wait a minute! These are not the ones on my previous phone. Oh yes, these are my gmail contact. What happened to all of the contacts in Sim.

Strange, I would expect cellphones to initialize the address-book from the Sim first.

Ok, let me google!

Ah yes, there it is. I followed the procedure in the second post.

"Open the contacts,
press menu,
tap settings,
tap sim contacts importer,
press menu,
tap import all. That's one way to get your SIM contacts on your phone."

and this little bugger imported the contacts from the SIM.

No wonder, Android is for geeks, and iphone is for 'chic's.

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