Thursday, 5 May 2011

I got my Android!

After a long tussle with the online shop, I got hands on my first Android, the Spice Mi-310 on Monday.
Since then, I have been busy configuring the phone. Its mostly like a computer and not a phone.

The wireless is seamless, but I have dont have a WIFI for the phone at my office. So, I am using whatever little time I get away from Ananya (my little baby daughter) to configure the phone.

So far, the reactions have been mixed. Will follow up.


  1. i wanted to buy this phone but i came to know that its battry goes in 2.5 hour is it true ???????????

  2. It depends on your usage. If you GPS and wireless turned on, it might last less than that.
    I have a nightly charge cycle, and use wifi/gps when i need them.