Monday, 16 May 2011

No response from Spice yet

I havent received a response from Spice yet, which means that, Spice has washed its hands off from the problem. It is pathetic

I will give one last try by calling into their customer service. If that doesnt work out, I am going to use the social media to highlight the problem. I am hoping that would get their attention to the problem.

And, oh by the way, I have had a busy few days attending a conference in Mysore.

I used the Google Maps utility for navigation. Though it works great, I wish I had a navigation application. I had to rely on other person to follow the map while I was driving. Voice-assisted navigation would have been better.

And mind you, while using navigation, the phone eats up battery fast. You can expect 90 minutes of navigation from a full battery. Still far from those handheld GPS navigation devices which can run for 24 hours.

Here are a couple of mapping/navigation apps that you can download:
1. Google Maps: No need to download.Comes with most Android devices. Doesn't support offline maps yet.
2. Locus: Very accurate maps. But the maps are quite large. Be prepared to shell out on bandwidth.
3. Mapdroyd: Very useful offline map utility. GPS isn't very accurate, but makes up for it with smaller mapsize. India map is only 17MB.


  1. Did u say just 90 min. It sounds pathetic . Now I'm really scared about buying the phone . I think LG Optimus One must provide better battery backup than the Spice Mi310. What's ur opinion? Can't we put a 1500mah or 1800 mah battery by ourselves in the Spice Mi-310. Plz reply soon.....I'll be waiting! Thanx!

  2. That's with the GPS and 3G switched on with map download happening.
    Otherwise, I have to charge it on a nightly basis.
    You haven't made a decision to buy the phone yet??

    And let me know if you get a higher capacity battery.

  3. No sir! Actually I m waiting for class X cbse board results as my parents promised me to purchase one on the very next day! I wish if I could get LG Optimus One since it has 1500mah battery and no such market problems, but my parents won't go above 7K budget. Now, about the battery, u must be using it average, but what would be its backup if Internet over EDGE is used continuously for 2 to 3 hours? Reply soon!

  4. And about the battery, I just saw an advertisement of LUMINOUS mobile battery on the television. I'll be googling about it!

  5. Earlier u said that mapdroyd is not available on android marketplace, and now u r mentioning it. Has the problem been resolved?

  6. I saw a camera sample of the spice mi-310 on ! Plz check it. Is it the same quality or different?

  7. @mohit, if you have a budget constraint this is the best phone you can get your hands on.unless, another phone is released.
    There are ways around the market problem.however those problem problems could simply have ben avoided if at all spice owned the problem and decided to fix it.
    The battery life is cannot expect it to last all day with 3g usage.for syncing mail and regular social network usage it should last the whole day.
    Its another thing that you would do activegps tracking all day.

  8. I don't have a 3g connection in my phone . I have a 3g modem whose sim can't be detatched from it. So, I will be using airtel's edge connection. Please check out whether it supports edge network or not. If yes, thehow much backup it provides as edge uses less power consumption than 3g! Thanks!

  9. Edge uses lesser power than 3G. Check out Spice's specs for battery life on Edge, and apply a scaling factor. That should give you an approximate battery life.
    It isn't easy to measure battery life. So, I cannot do it myself.