Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lookalike, is it the original version!

Thanks Mohit for pointing out.

Spice Mi310 seems to be a rebranded version of CSL Blueberry Mi320.

Surprisingly, the CSL phone carries the Spice logo. Not sure what that means. 


  1. The actual model no is c8903 produced by the chinese OEM Cellon... Goto settings->About Phone and see the build number.

    BTW how long does the battery last??

  2. Sir,
    U mentioned many things about the phone.
    Thanks for that.
    Plz do check whether adobe flash player 10.1 could be installed on the device or not.
    Also, what is the maximumand minimum battery backup u experienced on this phone.

  3. i have tried flash n the handset doesnt support it m not sure abt syfire browser as i havent tried it but the thing is that none of entry level android phone could support flash as they all have the same processor 7227 n it doesnt support flash

  4. @Mohit: Flash player is blocked by Android Market. Have to find the apk otherwise and install.

  5. I have got the answer.
    The spice and csl have tied up in malaysiya to sell spice mobiles.
    That's why the phone has got csl spice logo at its back.
    What about battery?
    U said that i will have to charge it every day.
    Does it gives usual backup of 1 day or even less?
    And sir, u still didn't mailed me the sample shots from its camera!
    I'm waiting for ur reply!

  6. that sample shots are available online on youtube