Thursday, 5 May 2011

Man, this phone sucks the battery

I had about ~60% charge when I started at 8am. It is 1pm now, and the battery is almost drained out.

Ok, do I need all the services to be turned on. 
Cool, Android has a nice tray where all the devices are controlled: WIFI, GPS, BTooth, Sync, Upload/Download and Brightness.

Now, let me turn off, whatever I dont need. Turned off Wifi, GPS!
I still need an app to control the battery life!

There are two paid versions also. Let me try it out for a while before buying one!


  1. hey howz mi 310 i was planning to buy it do u recommend it or not?

  2. I wish there was a one-size fits all answer. Otherwise there wouldn't be handsets priced from 7000 bucks to 35000 bucks.
    It depends on what your requirements are. Tell me what is your budget, what is your basic expectations (must meet), and wish list (ok if they aren't there).

  3. my budget is somewhere around 7K.
    will be my first android phone and the specs of mi 310 r upto mark for me will be going to buy my phone today.

    r u having any problem with the handset.
    is the handset microphone working well?
    i heard it has some problem with the microphone.

  4. Saransh,
    Be reasonable. There aren't many phones available for ~7K. Spice Mi310 will set you off by 8K, unless you get a really good deal, and reserve some money for a decent SD Card.
    If you are tight on the budget, take a look at Micromax Andro, which will fit your budget. It has a resistive screen.

    You did not answer my question on your requirements.
    If you are satisfied with the apps that come on the handset, then go ahead. But Android is fo customization. I have posted on the same. Mi310 doesn't have full Android Market support.
    While the issue can be sorted out, it might take a while. (This is a problem I would expect with Micromax, Spice and Videocon.
    Otherwise, if you want a safer bet, there are some models Samsung Galaxy low end, LG Optimus one or SE Experia Mini.
    A comparable handset from the frontline brands will surely set you off by 12-15K. Be prepared for that.