Thursday, 19 May 2011

Easy way to root Spice Mi-310

Tired of the market problem, I wanted to try out a different ROM configuration.

The first step is to root the phone. After searching for an hour, I found this link of UniversalAndroot. Great!

Installed the App! It gives root access. (Dont know yet if that is true).
On my way to getting a different ROM.

I am using these online guides available to flash my Android:

 Hoping for the best!

Backing up the current ROM!

It gives a lot of options:
Trying Spice Mi7000 (tablet from Spice) failed.
Trying Commtiva... Looks to be proceeding.
Update: First attempt failed. Trying again.

Update: Stalled again for a second time, but this time it proceeded further

USB init ept@ 0x72000
-- suspend --
-- reset --
-- portchange --
-- reset --
-- portchange --
STALL GET_DESCRIPTOR 128 6 1006 0 18

Update 3rd attempt: Looks to be hung. No STALL this time, but hung after portchange, Waiting

The ROM manager software couldn't successfully backup the existing ROM. Without that, it will be too risky to flash the phone.
I have tried it four times, and it went ahead one step with each try. Also, the ROM manager gives a list of options while backig the phone. The correct choice should seamlessly take you through, that is, if you are lucky.

In any case, there is a good amount of information in this post, for anybody, to go ahead and try it, if they want. And so, if you do (try), please post a comment.

I dont think I will get time for that in the next three weeks. Till then, good luck for rooting!


  1. This doesn't seems to be a good idea rooting and installing custom rom to get rid of the market problem. It seems that u r in a pretty good trouble now. As it appears from ur blog, the phone has hanged up and u r left with nothing but regret. If u succeed, then plz let me know. Don't stop blogging at all. I wanna ask a question that why don't u google around for the app if it is not visible on the market?

  2. What do you think? I have not tried it in the last 12 hours!
    As I read in the wiki, UniversalAndroot is a safe rooting solution, that doesnt void your warranty.

  3. I just wanted to clarify! Actually what's the problem? Does the market blocks the apps. to get visible on the phone or the phone itself doesn't allows installation on itself? And if u r having such problems, u should try one thing, open on ur pc and open in another tab(also on pc). There , in the android applications section, search for the app on umnet. After u got the app, remember its code and enter it in and then download. There u r done! U can get many paid apps on umnet for free.

  4. and what if we get the apk files and transfer it to phone via usb? Will the app work or still not?

  5. And what if I get the apk files and then transfer it to phone via usb? Will it work or still not?

  6. You should go and read my earlier posts.
    As I had mentioned earlier, the apps are not readily available outside of the Android Market.
    Android Market provides a good ecosystem, and they dont charge any extra money for that purpose, atleast from the consumers.
    You can get apps from sites like umnet and freewarelovers. But, are the apps safe and secure. Are they the latest? Are they guaranteed by the developer?
    All these are available from Android Market without paying a price.

    I disagree with you on getting paid apps for free. They are "paid" for a reason. Otherwise, who would support the developers. I dont mind spending a fifty or a hundred rupees on apps that are going to be useful for me.

    If the Android Market opens up, it is very simple to deal with your apps. If they are not, you are left with a half-functional device.

  7. @Mohit, BTW, you can also take a look at Huawei Ideos. They are branded as Aircel Ideos, and available at Aircel stores. Huawei, being a bigger brand, I would expect lesser problems from them.

  8. Atleast games and apps on umnet are safe! They have a label of "Mcafee tested" and "verisign signed" so I don't think there will be any viruses in the apps! Plz do write that whether apk files work or not? Also , huawei ideos is a bad idea since it has qualcomm msm 7225 528 mhz processor and a smaller qvga screen!

  9. Alright, it appears from ur word that u r also an android developer, so, sorry for that! When r u goin' to try rooting again.And also, since no game requires hardware like gps, can we dowload any game to the phone from the market?

  10. Does flash player installs in this phone?

  11. no it only installs in phones with arm7 processors.

  12. Dude while googling for 'Spice Mi-310 custom rom', I came to a site xda-developers( damn I forgot exact url) where a developer owning Spice Mi-310 had installed honeycomb on it.U could contact him and ask how he backed-up the previous rom.

  13. Alright, I got the exact url "". Now u should go for it.

  14. I wouldn't have time till I get back to Bangalore on June 6th. Why dont u try.

  15. I'm scared of my new phone getting dead, and warranty void, and dad would snatch off the mobile from my hands and never give it to me!

  16. hows the expirence?

    i am confused between
    nokia 5530- 7.6 k (in my local chroma it is somewhat cheap. 4gb mem card inclueded-500 rs)
    so 7.1k
    spice -7.4k

    my requirments:

    no gaming

    porper view in pdf(my sis has Lg ke970 SHINE and its sucks to read a pdf , cause u need to zoom in a lot then u need to side scroll
    everytim to read a line)

    DOc,docx, etc editor. mostly gonna use it for studying purpose.

    good dictionary


    3g- not sure . i cant afford it now in India. do u think prices will drop in a year .

    Andoroid is really worth it or symbian will do.WHAT do u suggest?? touch screen for 5530 is pretty much ok. i have trid it. so no issues with resistive touch .

    i feel all these apps are just for additional greater experence.
    Also can u suggest any imp application which will be very useful. no worry abt maps . dont need them.

    BIG QUESTION:hows the durability fr the spice one(MADE in China )? it should survive a few knocks.
    Nokia phone have reputation for longer life i think.
    and 3g not there in 5530 . is this a cause for concern in near future?

  17. hey Mr uday i would like to speak to you so please give me your number asap
    Thanks Akhil

  18. so, you already found the blog. I am away for now, and wont be available on phone for a few weeks.
    if have anything important, you can leave a comment here, and i'll reply.

  19. @spice mi 310 users--

    1. have u had any problems with its microphone. many complaints regarding this?
    2. can it upgraded to android 2.3 ??
    3. Does the pdf can be properly view in this.(my sis has Lg ke970 SHINE and its sucks to read a pdf , cause u need to zoom in a lot then u need to Side scroll everytime to read a line)
    4. speech to text is there ??as mentioned on this.
    cause i coudnt find it anywhere else.

    thanks a lot.

  20. 1. I have had some trouble with the microphone, but cant really confirm. If at all there is, their service guys should be able to sort it out.
    2. Somebody has already installed Gingerbread on Mi310. I would also like to, but dont have time in the next few weeks.
    3. You get a HVGA (320x480) display. I can read docs well. Most other phone in similar range have only QVGA.
    4. Yes.

  21. @Uday- Who has installed gingerbread and plz mention site link.
    BTW, what about my link?
    It had some images of spice mi-310 with honeycomb.
    Do reply soon,.............................

  22. Guys, got another useful link.
    But the problem is, the web page is in indonasian laguage.
    So, hard to understand.
    The link
    Go for it Uday!
    It was hard to understand for me, but the website contains some useful information and images about rooting the device.


    english link

  24. nothing can be done in the case of . It has a lots of user comments that could not be translated.;(

  25. Whatever about the website, but it does cantains download links to custom roms and rooting software.

  26. @Uday- U told u will be back to ur home by 6th june. If u r back, do try rooting the device and install cyanogen mod 7!

  27. Looks like you are using your calender very effectively to set reminders :)
    I am still traveling and wont be back until 9th.
    I'll try it out when I get a chance.

  28. So, finally u must be back today. So do try rooting and installing custom rom! ;)

  29. For rooting there is nothing better than SuperOneClickRoot!!!
    Also Uday can u please go through the Indonesian site.

  30. a little off topic but
    the resolution for wallpaper for spice mi310 is
    640 * 480(so that we dont need to crop any part of pic)
    can anybody confirm it?


  32. @vector: Spice mi310 resolution is HVGA 320x480. You will not be able to fit in a 640x480 image onto i.

  33. @vector yes you can set 640*480 image as wallpaper.
    @uday u forgot 5 screens lol, :)

  34. ny1 der?? seriously cn Spice mi-310 b updated to ny extent(like to gingerbread) or wat ny updatez available