Thursday, 19 May 2011

Market problem bugs again

Couldn't resist writing a few words!
I know exactly which app I need, but yet again, the phone doesn't allow me to install it.

For my travel to Vancouver, I need the local train map and bus schedule. How much easier would it be to just open market from the phone, search, download and install it.

Yet again, Spice Mi-310 disappoints. The app uses GPS and is forbidden.
I have wasted the last twenty minutes searching for the app without luck. So, I thought I'll waste two more minutes blogging and forget it!


  1. why dont u download 4shared from the market

  2. BTW try the hero theme from market.
    it hives u HTC sense ui.

    awesome...........tried it...

  3. @What is the 4shared for?
    Will try the hero theme later on.

  4. it for apps u just need to know the app name and register in 4shared and then there u go u can get all apps for free even the paid ones.
    i use it its awesome

  5. @Saransh: How do you say 4shared will solve the market problem. 4shared is just a file sharing solution.
    I am in Vancouver right now, and want to get the public transportation map. You can search "vancouver metro" at, and it would show up.
    In the phone, it doesn't show up.

  6. i m saying that it can help u get all the apps which u get in the market.
    u just need to know the name.just open 4shared then login and then search for the app then it will show up the results and then u can download ur apps from there its easy.

    for example: search raging thunder 2 and then the results will show up download ur required file and then install.

  7. @Saransh: It is easy to find games like RT2 around. Try getting the app I suggested. Do it both through web and the phone.

  8. try this i think it can help u

  9. @Saransh. Thanks, I guess you would now understand the pain behind all this. The app is available from Spice phone itself.
    Just FYI, there is an app that'll not only give you the map, but also tell u the expected time of next train/bus based on your GPS location.